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How can I get rid of pigeons ?

There are many ways for this like wires, shock tracks, bird netting, bird spikes or gel repellents. But two things are most common today bird net or bird spikes. Bird net used for balcony and roof area while bird spikes are used for AC, pipes and roof or balcony boundaries. its depend on you which option you choose. 

How do you attach a net to balcony ?

First it need to drill the walls to fix hooks

What if I am not satisfied with NETSFLY?

This is your FAQ Answer. Make sure your writing is clear and concise. It’s a good idea to review what you’ve written and ask yourself the following - if this was my first time visiting the site, would I fully understand this answer? Then revise or expand as necessary. Consider adding a photo or video as a visual tool or for extra impact.

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